Sebastian Kasjan's martial arts adventure commenced in 1990, inspired by then very popular Karate movies he joined local Shotokan Karate Club. In the early years Karate let him quickly get to the perfect shape and boost his self-confidence. Trainings scheduled five to seven times a week effectively kept him away from the troubles of the teenage period. 

In the early nineties Sebastian successfully represented his club in the national and international junior tournaments. He won multiple titles. However, his sport career had finished very early when his Sensei understood that the real spirit of Karate did not live in the competition but in the art of self defence. The club with all its members was transferred from Sport Karate Federation to Traditional Karate Federation and all members decided not to be involved in the Sport Competition and focus only on Self Defence Applications. From that moment Sebastian was practising under and received his 1st Dan Black Belt from Sensei Marek Ramus currently ranked as a 5th Dan International Traditional Karate Federation. 

First Koryu Uchinadi highly functional drills and Kobudo were introduced to Sebastian’s Karate routine in 2000. Since then he attended many Koryu Uchinadi seminars and Koryu Uchinadi curriculum has become a permanent part of his training programme. Impressed by the functionality, complexity and an open minded approach he decided to fully focus on the KU curriculum. 

In 2009 he has joined Sensei Troy Reneker and Sensei Martin Hurley to help develop recently established Koryu Uchinadi Dojo in Dublin. He is currently ranked as a Yudansha in Koryu Uchinadi.

Over the years he also obtained in-depth knowledge about yoga, meditation, body building techniques, nutrition and supplementation. Body building together with yoga are perfect addition to Self Defence routine.  Dublin Koryukan is devoted to shape bodies and spirits of its members.

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